Snow covered crucial highway in Indian Kashmir reopened after five months

Updated: 10:22 GMT, May 13, 2017 | Published: 08:07 GMT, May 13, 2017 |

A crucial highway in Indian Kashmir-joining northernmost parts of the state, Ladakh and Kargil with rest of the country- opened on Friday (May 12) after remaining closed for vehicular traffic for the past five months due to snowfall.

The 434 km-long highway acts as a lifeline for over 200,000 people of the cold-desert region, who have to survive on limited sources from January to May, every year, as Zojila Pass, which is at a height of 11,578 feet, on the highway receives heavy snowfall during this period.

The highway is crucial for Indian army too as Ladakh, which borders with China, has witnessed numerous stand-offs between the patrolling unit of the armies of the two nations.

Both the nations have their respective perceived lines of actual control and patrol according to them, which leads to stand-offs.

India’s Border Road Organisation (BRO) worked for over one month clearing up the snow, which was stacked up to 50 feet at some places, to open this highway.