Sri Lanka Navy releases 100 acres of land at Mullikulam, Mannar

Updated: 00:00 GMT, Jan 1, 1970 | Published: 12:09 GMT, Apr 30, 2017 |

Sri Lanka Navy has assured that it will immediately release approximately 100 acres of land to the general public in Mullikulam.

The Commander of the Navy, Vice Admiral Ravindra Wijegunaratne has given this assurance during a discussion held with the families in Mullikulam while on an inspection visit to the Northwestern Naval Area on Saturday.

The discussion transpired positively, as the people agreed to settle around 100 acres of agricultural land, in the proximity of the ‘Our Lady of Assumption Parish Council’ Church, in lieu of 300 acres that the Navy had earlier consented to release, the Navy Media unit said.

Around 185 families are registered in the Mullikulam locality. Meanwhile, the locals expressed reluctance to a proposition made by the Navy, allowing the latter’s swift transition into 27 houses previously constructed by same and making-way for the families’ immediate settlement.

Subsequently, the Navy had requested an additional 8 months for the gradual shifting from the occupied 27 houses in the Northern boundary of the Naval base, until completion of construction of the new buildings compensating the already constructed 27 houses occupied by the locals.

Meanwhile, the Commander of the Navy had requested the public to go about with the immediate settlement and assured that the Navy is unequivocally committed in assisting the families and will continue to coordinate and cooperate in matters of common interests. The Navy will continue with its CSR projects in the area, in view of uplifting the social welfare of the people, he further said.