I will come back with solution after meeting with President – Reginald Cooray

Updated: 09:52 GMT, Apr 22, 2017 | Published: 07:17 GMT, Apr 22, 2017 |

Governor of the Northern Province, Reginald Cooray assured that he would meet again the residents who protest demanding for their patrimonial property of lands at Mullikulam with a fair solution after meeting with President Maithripala Sirisena.

Mr. Reginald on Friday (April 21) took part in the discussion with the residents of the Mullikulam village in the district of Mannar on the invitation of the Bishop’s House of the Mannar Diocese.

The protesters said to the governor that they would not give up the protest until the evacuation of the Navy camp and release of their patrimonial lands and urged him to take measures soon.

Responding to their requests Mr. Cooray had said he acknowledged their demands.

He assured that he would submit a detailed report to the President and discuss with him regarding to that matter and meet the people in couples of days.