Girl lived with monkeys rescued from Indian Uttar Pradesh forest

Published: 11:53 GMT, Apr 8, 2017 |

Police in northern India rescued a young girl from a forest two months ago, who couldn’t speak but ate, walked and screeched like monkeys.

The girl, who is aged between eight to ten years, was rescued from a horde of monkeys after she was spotted by a police team during a routine patrol in Bahraich district of northern state of Uttar Pradesh.

The police team struggled to free the child, as she was comfortable in the company of the apes. She was admitted to a local hospital for treatment after her rescue.

According to doctors, she was malnourished, had long hair, nail and wounds on her body when was brought for treatment. She neither spoke nor understood any language.

The girl often got violent and screeched at the people when they approached her. She ate directly from her mouth and walked like animals on her all fours.

On Thursday (April 06), a senior medical officer, D. K. Singh, said it seemed she had lived with animals for quite some time but now she is better and healthy.

Singh added that the girl would be transferred to better hospital for all-round development.

She is now named “Mowgli girl’ because of her story’s similarities with Rudyard Kipling’s `The Jungle Book`- a tale of a boy brought up in ‘Seeonee hills’ by a pack of wolves.