ISIS kidnap 200 children to use as human shields in Mosul: Monitoring Group

Published: 11:58 GMT, Mar 27, 2017 |

The Islamic State (IS) militants have reportedly taken nearly 200 children hostage in west Mosul in order to use them as human shields to resist the Iraqi forces’ advance on the IS-held areas in the city.

The Iraqi Observatory for Human Rights reported that 197 children have been taken hostage by the IS militants near al-Nouri Grand Mosque in west Mosul where the Iraqi troops have closed in on the militant group.

The source said the militants intend to use the children as human shields to impede the advance of the Iraqi troops.

Due to the increasing number of civilian casualties, the Iraqi security forces suspended the military operations to retake western Mosul.

The Iraqi Observatory for Human Rights in a statement on Saturday revealed that since the beginning of the operation on western part of Mosul, around 4000 civilians have died due to the ongoing fight between the Iraqi forces and IS extremists.