Canada beat Russia 8-3 to win women’s World Curling title

Updated: 00:00 GMT, Jan 1, 1970 | Published: 12:44 GMT, Mar 26, 2017 |

Rachel Homan led the Canadian women’s curling team to their first World Championship title since 2008, beating Russia 8-3 in Sunday’s (March 26) final.

Canada, who have lost in three finals since their 2008 victory, won all 13 of their matches in Beijing.

They had already beaten Russia, led by skip Anna Sidorova, in the play-off game on Friday, earning them a direct place in the final.

Russia beat Sweden 9-3 in the semi-final to set-up the gold medal match Canada.

But Homan and her team-mates maintained the form that had taken them to the final, producing a composed performance when it mattered most and securing the 8-3 victory.

Canada are the most successful nation in the history of women’s curling, having won the world title 16 times and coming runner-up on a further eight occasions.

Russia have never won the title but Sidorova will see this year’s silver medal as a step in the right direction, having come third on three previous occasions.