The country needs knowledgeable politicians – President

Published: 06:41 GMT, Mar 20, 2017 |

“The country needs not the politicians who say ‘yes’ for everything, but young politicians who say ‘that is not the way, this is the correct path”, said President Maithripala Sirisena.

The president was speaking at the opening ceremony of ‘Deshapalana Shasthralaya’ (political academy), inaugurated by the SLFP Youth Front on Sunday (March 19) at the SLFP Headquarters.

He pointed out that any corrupter can wear white clothes and win elections due to the preferential vote system. “The breakdowns of the political parties and the worshipping for personalities in this political system can be changed only through the knowledge and understanding”, he said.

“Nobody can move forward as a political movement without a correct philosophy, policy and program”, the President said.

The Deshapalana Shasthralaya was established with the objective of creating clean politicians in the future. After the completion of three months course it offers certificate of international recognition.