BJP’s Trivendra Singh Rawat becomes Uttarakhand’s Chief Minister today

Updated: 08:30 GMT, Mar 18, 2017 | Published: 05:32 GMT, Mar 18, 2017 |

The BJP’s Trivendra Singh Rawat will take oath as the Chief Minister of Uttarakhand today (March 18). Mr Rawat, who had worked closely with party chief Amit Shah during the 2014 national election, has many years of experience as a minister.

His name was proposed by BJP leader Prakash Pant and seconded by Satpal Maharaj. Mr Rawat will be sworn in as Uttarakhand Chief Minister today at Dehradun’s Parade Ground.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP President Amit Shah are scheduled to attend the swearing-in ceremony.

Mr Rawat will be the ninth Chief Minister of the hill state. After Mr Pant and Mr Maharaj’s prooposal, the remaining 54 Bharatiya Janata Party legislators unanimously approved Mr Rawat’s candidature.

A former associate of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Trivendra Rawat was Agriculture Minister in the previous BJP government in Uttarakhand, which was carved out of Uttar Pradesh in 2000.