Brexit rebel Lord Heseltine sacked from government role

Updated: 00:00 GMT, Jan 1, 1970 | Published: 10:46 GMT, Mar 8, 2017 |

Former Conservative Deputy Prime Minister Lord Heseltine has been sacked as a government adviser after rebelling over Brexit in the House of Lords.

Lord Heseltine backed the demand for a parliamentary vote on the final deal to be written into Brexit legislation.

He learned hours later on Tuesday that he had been fired from five government advisory roles he had held. He said he accepted Number 10’s right to sack him but “sometimes there are issues which transcend party politics”.

Asked what he thought his sacking said about the current government, he told “I have never met Theresa May so I can’t make a judgement. She’s doing very well in the polls… the public approve of what she’s doing.”

Lord Heseltine, who campaigned to remain in the EU, told the Lords that the UK was facing “the most momentous peacetime decision of our time”.

The peer said he was having dinner with his wife when he got a call from the chief whip, and went to the Lords to be told he was being sacked.