Government should bring solution to Keppapilavu people: Chandrasekaran

Updated: 07:35 GMT, Feb 17, 2017 | Published: 06:05 GMT, Feb 17, 2017 |

“Government should bring solution to the people in Keppapilavu Pilakkudiyiruppu”, said the People’s Liberation Front’s Northern Provincial Organizer Iraamalingam Chandrasekaran.

He said the above when he participated in a press briefing.  “The people in Keppapilavu Pilakkudiyiruppu have waited nearly eight years. They waited patiently all these years. The Government said they will release the Lands. But still it is not released and that’s why the people are staging the protest. Mr. Rajitha Senarathna sould take account of this” he said.

He also stressed that if no solution was brought to this matter, demonstrations urging to release the lands will be held Island wide.

“The good governance should take this matter seriously and bring solution as soon as possible” he added.