If Northern-Eastern provinces are not merged, situation of eastern people will be crucial

Updated: 09:36 GMT, Jan 6, 2017 | Published: 08:03 GMT, Jan 6, 2017 |

If Northern and Eastern provinces are not merged, the people of the East will have to be forced into a grave situation, said the Batticaloa district co-ordinator of the Tamil National People’s Front (TNPF) T. Suresh.

He made the remarks during the press conference with regard to the Eluga Tamil (Tamil Rise) demonstration which is scheduled to be held on 21st of January in Batticaloa.

He added that thousands of Tamil people gave their lives in 2009 in order to merge the two provinces and secure the rights of the minority people.

He said if the provinces are not merged, the Eastern province would be encroached by other communities.