Edmonton man killed while fighting ISIS in Syria

Published: 11:17 GMT, Jan 4, 2017 |

An Edmonton man has been killed in an ISIS attack while fighting for the YPG Kurdish forces in Syria, according to YPG officials.

Nazzareno Tassone, 24, was killed Dec. 21 near Raqqa, Syria, his family and YPG officials say.

Nazzareno Tassone’s younger sister, Giustina Tassone, said leaders from the Kurdish community in Toronto, accompanied by police, delivered the news in person to their Niagara home Tuesday afternoon.

“We were hoping that everything would be OK,” Tasson​e told . “We were optimistic. But with everything that’s going on over there, we kind of hoped, but we were all very scared, especially my mom.”

Nazzareno Tassone left Edmonton for Turkey last June. He told his family he planned to teach English, but soon he joined the Kurdish People’s Protection Unit (YPG) in the battle against ISIS. To his family it came as no surprise.