Legal action against Batticaloa monk is confirmed: Minister of Buddha Sasana

Updated: 00:00 GMT, Jan 1, 1970 | Published: 07:55 GMT, Nov 20, 2016 |

Legal action will be taken against Ampitiya Sumanarathna thera said the Justice and Buddha Sasana Minister Vijayadasa Rajapaksha.

He stated the above after TNA MP Gnanamuttu Srinesan brought into consideration about the recent incident that grabbed many peoples’ attention.

Srinesan pointed out that the Buddhist monk is acting against the law and the good governance should take action against it.

“If the good governance fails, then people will lose confidence on good governance” said Srinesan.

“The Buddhist monk is acting in a way where it brings dis-grace to all the Buddhist monks and the Buddhism” he added.

He also said that he doubts if there are any politicians behind Sumanarathna Threa and made it clear that if the government fails to take measures against this incident, it would prompt conflicts not only in Batticaloa but also in other Districts.