Prevention of Terrorism Act is the reason to the increased torture

Updated: 07:06 GMT, Nov 2, 2016 | Published: 05:53 GMT, Nov 2, 2016 |

Sri Lankan police are engaging in Worst tortures and the sole reason for that is the Prevention of Terrorism Act said the Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka.

The above was stated in the report sent to United Nations Group. UN is to examine about the tortures recorded in Sri Lanka and the session is scheduled to be held from 07th of November it is said.

The information obtained by the police show that poor people were among the majority of those who had been affected by the tortures. Some police officers had tortured others with intention just to take revenge it is mentioned.

The report further stated, that the procedures recommended to follow has not been followed and pointed out that there were complains about undeclared detention centers and secret camps.