Indian PM Modi and New Zealand’s Key meet in New Delhi

Updated: 00:00 GMT, Jan 1, 1970 | Published: 12:09 GMT, Oct 26, 2016 |

New Zealand Prime Minister John Key and his Indian counterpart Prime Minister Narendra Modi met on Wednesday (October 26) before delegation level talks in New Delhi.

Key said he looked forward to talks on India’s NSG (Nuclear Suppliers Group) membership after receiving the ceremonial welcome at Rashtrapati Bhavan, the presidential palace.

Modi is campaigning for NSG membership to back a multi-billion-dollar drive to build nuclear power plants in partnership with Russia, the United States and France, and reduce India’s reliance on polluting fossil fuels.

Yet his bid to win accession to the group, founded in response to India’s first atomic weapons test in 1974, has failed to win over strategic rival China, which enjoys a de facto veto because it operates by consensus.

India already enjoys most of the benefits of membership under a 2008 exemption to NSG rules granted to support its nuclear cooperation deal with Washington, even though India has developed atomic weapons and never signed the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), the main global arms control pact.

New Zealand was one of the few other nations which resisted India’s admission to the elite group at NSG’s plenary meeting in Seoul in June.