Seventy more Calais children arrive in UK

Updated: 00:00 GMT, Jan 1, 1970 | Published: 08:39 GMT, Oct 23, 2016 |

The first group of unaccompanied children without family ties to the UK has arrived in Britain from the migrant camp in Calais.

They came under the “Dubs amendment” rules which allow particularly vulnerable children – such as girls and those under 13 – refuge in the UK.

They were among 70 boys and girls to be taken to London from the “Jungle” camp. French police have clashed with migrants at the site, which is scheduled to be closed on Monday.

About 10,000 leaflets are due to be distributed by the French authorities, telling people to report from Sunday morning to a hanger, where they will be taken by bus to other parts of France and given the opportunity to claim asylum.

But there is concern among charities that some migrants will refuse to go to reception centres elsewhere in France, because they still want to get to Britain.