SL Government to respond on UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon’s comments

Updated: 11:37 GMT, Sep 6, 2016 | Published: 07:02 GMT, Sep 6, 2016 |

Adjournment Time Motion is expected in the House of Parliament Today (Tuesday), to debate with regard to the comments delivered by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, said the parliamentarian Dinesh Gunawardena.

Since the adjournment time debate has been accepted by the Government, it is expected that the Government will respond on Ban Ki Moon’s comments he added.

 “Ban is neither the president nor the Prime Minister of Srilanka. It does not come under UN too. Ban’s comments violate SL’s Sovereignty. We should not allow a third party to control our nation. ” He added.

The visit last week to Sri Lanka of UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon was in contrast to his previous visit in 2009, a few weeks after the country’s three decade long internal war came to its violent denouement. With the aftershocks of the war still subsiding, his visit was neither encouraged nor welcomed by the then government.