Heavy rain in north China city forces 60,000 people to evacuate overnight

Published: 07:01 GMT, Jul 25, 2016 |

More than 60,000 people were evacuated over Sunday night as heavy rain hit Lingshou County in Shijiazhuang City of north China’s Hebei Province.

The accumulated rainfall reached 200 millimeters in two hours, causing the rainwater to pour into a local reservoir at a speed of 2,065 cubic meters per second.

At 22:00, the local government lifted the alert for heavy rains to "red" – the highest of China’s four-tire color-coded warning system, and activated the plan to discharge the flood water and start evacuating people.

The officials informed residents living in 57 villages in various ways to move to safe locations.

The flood water is being discharged at 80 cubic meters per second, with the water around meters deep.

The discharge channel had expanded to 200 meters from 20 meters by Monday morning.

No one has been reported dead or injured so far.