Tamil Nadu government allocates Rs.100 crore for Sri Lankan Tamil refugees

Updated: 10:28 GMT, Jul 21, 2016 | Published: 10:24 GMT, Jul 21, 2016 |

The Tamil Nadu Government has allocated Rs.105.98 crores for the welfare of the Sri Lankan refugees living in various welfare camps in Tamil Nadu.

Submitting the revised for 2016-2017, Finance Minister O.Pannerselvam stated the allocations of the government.

This Government has already extended various welfare schemes, such as Marriage Assistance, Social Security Pensions, Health insurance, etc., to the Sri Lankan Tamils in various refugee camps. The cash assistance to Sri Lankan Tamils has also been substantially enhanced.

These initiatives enabling them to lead a life of dignity, safety and security will be continued. In the Revised Budget Estimates 2016-2017, an amount of Rs.105.98 crores has been allocated for the welfare of Sri Lankan Tamil refugees.