Brexit: Cameron to meet EU leaders

Updated: 00:00 GMT, Jan 1, 1970 | Published: 09:00 GMT, Jun 28, 2016 |

David Cameron is to meet European Union leaders for the first time since the UK voted to leave.

The UK prime minister will discuss the implications of the Brexit vote and the way ahead at an EU summit in Brussels.

German, French and Italian leaders said on Monday there could be no “formal or informal” talks on a British exit at this stage.

Meanwhile, Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has called for a second referendum over the terms of the UK’s departure.

He said the withdrawal process should be delayed until shortly before the next election – meaning a delay until after 2022 at the earliest.

He is the first cabinet minister to go public with the call.

In other developments on Tuesday, Chancellor George Osborne ruled himself out of replacing Mr Cameron as prime minister.

He said in the Times that he had fought hard for a vote for remaining in the EU, and though he accepted the referendum result “I am not the person to provide the unity my party needs at this time.”