Labour leader Corbyn ‘not a leader': Hilary Benn

Updated: 15:48 GMT, Jun 26, 2016 | Published: 11:32 GMT, Jun 26, 2016 |

British Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is failing and should resign, Hilary Benn, said on Sunday (June 26).

“He’s a good and decent man but he is not a leader,” Benn told BBC television hour after he was dismissed as foreign policy chief by Corbyn.

The sacking and the subsequent resignation of two other members of Corbyn’s cabinet has plunged the party into open conflict after Britain voted to leave the European Union.

“It is increasingly widely felt that the leadership that we currently have is not working and in those circumstances we would not be doing our job if we didn’t say that openly and honestly, and that is what I’ve done,” Benn said, adding that he would not stand to lead the party himself.

Benn’s dismissal was followed by the resignation of Labour’s shadow health minister, Heidi Alexander, and youth policy lead Gloria De Piero.