Karunanidhi questions on democratic traditions of AIADMK

Updated: 00:00 GMT, Jan 1, 1970 | Published: 09:26 GMT, Jun 24, 2016 |

DMK chief Karunanidhi questioned on protecting system of democratic traditions in AIADMK rule.

He said, after the Governor address in the assembly, many issues including how long to hold the next assembly would be discussed in the committee meeting.

I have attended every committee meeting during the DMK rule. But today’s Chief Minister Jeyalalitha didn’t participate in this meeting.

There are some new arrangements which didn’t follow in assemble formed in the AIADMK rule, Karunanidhi blamed.

Party Treasurer and Opposition Leader M K Stalin had asked Speaker P Dhanapal to make adequate arrangements, including seating, for me to have access to the House and participate in its proceedings.

But the seating has been allotted in the second row where my wheelchair cannot go. Therefore adequate arrangements have to be made for me, he added.