Speaker Karu sets new code of conduct for parliament

Published: 11:59 GMT, Jun 11, 2016 |

Speaker Karu Jayasuriya has taken steps to introduce a new set of ethics for Members of Parliament with the objective of upholding parliamentary traditions, rules and discipline. Many issues such as the dress code for Parliamentarians, arrival in Parliament, seating and conduct are included in the new set of ethics.

Members of Parliament to focus attention on the following matters in order to conduct the affairs of State in Parliament in a manner that protects its honour and traditions:

Members of Parliament should always sit only in the seats allocated to them.

Honourable Members of Parliament should not sit in the public gallery in the company of their visitors and/or converse with them, and should not sit in the areas reserved for State officials.

Members of Parliament should also remember to show customary respect to the Chair when entering or leaving Parliament.

When approaching the Chair to make any inquiry, members should not approach from behind the seats of the Chair or the General Secretaries.

Honourable Members of Parliament should at all times observe the stipulated dress code when entering Parliament.
For Honourable Male Members of Parliament:
National Dress / Complete European dress / Long sleeved tunic coat dress buttoned up to the neck (with trousers or cloth)
For Honourable Female Members of Parliament:

Sari and jacket with sleeves; National dress consistent with the relevant culture; Acceptable dress according to religious traditions and customs.
Head coverings according to religious traditions and customs.

Honourable Members of Parliament are requested to attend Parliament sessions attired in light coloured clothing as often as possible and you are expected to refrain from attending Parliament attired in dark coloured or multi-coloured attire with striped or square design prints or colouring.

If an Honourable Member of Parliament needs a meeting room to meet with a visitor, the requirement should be conveyed to the Sergeant-at-Arms and facilities obtained.

When media personnel staff/video/camera technicians arrive at the Parliament Complex for purposes of media coverage, the Sergeant-at-Arms grants permission for them to enter a specified place/places only.