Car Plunges Off Seaside Pier: five killed, infant rescued

Updated: 00:00 GMT, Jan 1, 1970 | Published: 12:12 GMT, Mar 21, 2016 |

Five members of the same family have died after a car entered the water at Buncrana pier, County Donegal in Ireland.

Emergency services said they have recovered the bodies of two boys, a man and a woman, and a second female, whose age has not been confirmed.

 A two months old baby girl was handed to a bystander, a man from Kerrykeel, who is understood to have swum towards the sinking car in an effort to help.

The child is now in a stable condition in Letterkenny Hospital.

Witness Francis Crawford said the man who had quickly stripped down to his underwear before swimming out to the car was a hero and had risked his own life.

He said: “How he got (the baby) … they are saying it was handed out to him.

“When he came back he was totally exhausted. I think if he had another five yards to go – I can’t see how he would have made it.”

Mr Crawford said he had felt “hopeless and helpless”, as the vehicle went under the water.

It is believed the family may have stopped to admire the sunset but the slipway leading down to the lough was covered in algae and may have been slippery.