Canadian military members stabbed at recruitment center

Updated: 00:00 GMT, Jan 1, 1970 | Published: 10:52 GMT, Mar 15, 2016 |

A 27-year-old man was arrested on Monday (March 14) after stabbing two members of the Canadian Forces at a military recruitment center in Toronto, police said.

Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders said the man walked into the center at about 3 PM local time and began his attack.

“AA lone male walked into this location, attended the Canadian Forces recruitment center at this time in an unprovoked manner, produced a knife and attacked the person behind the counter that was in full uniform. This male then proceeded to walk towards the rear where other employees in uniform were. At this time through the training of the Canadian Forces members, they were able to subdue the male, but in the process another male was stabbed in the process,” Saunders told reporters.

“Terrorist activity” was one of the angles that police were “strongly looking at” in the investigation, he said.

“We don’t have a clear understanding of what the motivation is, but I can say that a male 27-year-old, that person was in fact apprehended and right now is in the hospital for medical clearance before the investigation will be further initiated,” Saunders said, adding that the suspect had made “certain comments” before police arrived that were a cause for concern, but did not elaborate.

In October 2014, two separate attacks rankled Canada. One suspect killed a soldier in Quebec, and days later another killed a soldier guarding a war memorial in Ottawa, before running into parliament buildings where he was killed.