EU deal gives UK special status, says David Cameron

Updated: 00:00 GMT, Jan 1, 1970 | Published: 09:48 GMT, Feb 20, 2016 |

David Cameron says a deal struck with EU leaders will give the UK “special status” and he will campaign with his “heart and soul” to stay in the union.

The agreement, reached late on Friday after two days of talks in Brussels, gives the UK power to limit some EU migrants’ benefits.

It also includes a treaty change so the UK is not bound to “ever closer union” with other EU member states, he said.

EU exit campaigners said the “hollow” deal offered only “very minor changes”.

Mr Cameron is set to the announce the date of a referendum on whether Britain should remain in the EU after a cabinet meeting which is happening at 10:00 GMT – the referendum is widely expected to be on Thursday, 23 June.

Once the date is announced, ministers will be allowed to campaign for whichever side they want – one of Mr Cameron’s closest political allies Michael Gove has already been named as supporting the Leave camp. Others, such as Iain Duncan Smith are expected to follow – but a question mark remains over which way London Mayor Boris Johnson will jump.