50 complaints on election violence: through SMS

Updated: 00:00 GMT, Jan 1, 1970 | Published: 12:19 GMT, Aug 16, 2015 |

The Election Commissioner has received 50 complaints through the SMS on election violence cases. 36 complaints have been received, yesterday (Saturday).

Most of the complaints are on election posters and exhibiting the election cutouts.

Meanwhile, 1,572 complaints have been registered under the election violence acts. Among them, 322 are on election posters.

Also, 356 complaints from Colombo, 105 from Gampaha, 72 from Hambantota and 96 from Kurunegala have been registered.

Further, up to now, 808 have been arrested for violating the election law, including 13 candidates of the general election, says the Police spokesperson.

Also, many suspects have been arrested while conducting inquiries on violation of election law and conducting raids to arrest those who engaged in violating the election law.

Also, 248 raids have been made and during that 672 were arrested.