If anyone vote for Mahinda, he will be a cheater for his children & country: Rosy

Updated: 00:00 GMT, Jan 1, 1970 | Published: 12:12 GMT, Jul 24, 2015 |

The state minister of Child affairs ministry Rosy Senanayaka said that those who cast their votes to the former president are the ones who cheat their children and their country.

She made these observations in the media conference held in Colombo today (Friday).

Further she said that, “the former president who was defeated in the last presidential election, should have taken rest at least for 5 years. He could have given opportunity to his son and he have taken time to correct his faults. But he is engaging in splitting the party in to two.

But if he has worked for the victory of the party, that should be very much appreciated”. Therefore, he has gathered those who can’t stand alone in politics and engages in the politics again.

If Wimal Weerawangsa, Udaya Gammanpila and Dinesh Gunawardane, who are with the former president, contest alone in politics, they can’t get the votes, except the votes from their families. That’s why they are rounding up Mahinda.

But Rosy Senanayaka firmly said that, if anyone cast his vote to Mahinda on August 17th, that person is a cheater who cheats his children and his country.