TNA creating favor environment to MR for become PM

Updated: 10:50 GMT, Jul 19, 2015 | Published: 08:40 GMT, Jul 19, 2015 |

Tamil United Liberation Front leader and Colombo candidate Ananda Sangari requested the Tamil National Alliance to fending off by competing at Vanni district. He has made this statement while addressing to the media conference at Vavunya guest house yesterday.  

He more said

“The significant election going be held in coming month and we are not competing by giving money.”  We are getting great opportunity to resolve the Tamils problems.” “Don’t make trouble on it. “ “Certain people are saying that government changed in south, but persons were changed not government has changed” 

“But TNA cannot deserve the credit for this change, all the people including south people had well think and cast their votes, their after only TNA decided to support to Maithiri” “Now the TNA parliamentarians are telling that the Prabhakaran is their leader and which has being publishing by media. It is lead to create favor environment to the Mahinda between majority communities.”  TNA has carrying out their election campaigns to sustain Mahinda by using Prabakarana’s name.”

 “I am not a person who against to Prabakaran and he is energetic person who can be holding the leadership. I had wrote many letters to him. Everybody including TNA had led him to be destroyed himself without guided him to correct path.” “I have 58 years political history, you don’t know how much suffers I had been faced and certain medias are criticizing me as a traitor.”

“If I ask them what is perfidy I have done to my Tamil community, they does not have an answer” I was offered for northern provincial council governor position and minister position but I had refused those offers.”  “ I have done only one mistake, which is I refuse to agreed the LTTE’s as single representative faction of entire Tamil community of Sri Lanka.” I told them if I do so that will be disadvantage for them.”

 “If LTTE or the sympathies and supporters of LTTE’; s would have been listen my advises in the begging, today we might not facing this situation.” TNA is the people who had prevented that.  “LTTE’s are just directly came from the school and they does not know anything about political.” “But TNA would have advice them in order to get them in to correct path” “They failed to do so.”

“In 2010 they had given their support to Sarath Fonseka but another side they had talk against the Army, how can they do this.” “TNA leader Mr.R.Sambanthan told me in 2003 that he too not agreed the LTTE that they are the only single representative faction of Tamil community” but since he keep silence, why I am expressing my view”

 “I replied that I don’t have any desire on any position and If I would have agreed the LTTE, today I am the leader of TNA.”

“What’s happen in the Geneva matter? I urged them to get India to hold the neutral place in that talks, because of trust on neighbor country and nothing would happened beyond them”  “But TNA refuse to do so and they justified that Indian Tamil leaders does not have sufficient knowledge in the matter of Sri Lankan Tamils issue.”  “They tried to show their power and what was the result then?”

“Prime Miniter Ranil and Former president Chandrika who had been enemies those days, now acting as unite at same stage.” But from the last five years Snagarai and Sambanthan can’t be unity” Certain people had think that we will sustain the Tamilarau Katchi, Therefore, I was marginalized.“  “ I had fight with Douglas too If Prabgharan alive, I would have call him for testify” Prabkaran directly said that in front of Mawai and Sambanthan.