“President will decide the PM after the election” Rajitha

Updated: 00:00 GMT, Jan 1, 1970 | Published: 05:44 GMT, Jul 17, 2015 |

Cabinet spokesman Doctor Rajitha Senarathna said that President Sirisena will appoint the Prime minster after the upcoming general election.

Rajitha made this comment on a question of Journalist which rose at the event of weekly Cabinet press briefing held on yesterday to announce the results of the cabinet meeting that “If UPFA wins who will be decide the Prime Minister”? Rajitha further said, “Once election is over, President Sirisena is the one who will select the Prime Minister, which has been mentioned in constitution of Sri Lanka.”

It is better to know the constitution those who blindly blabbering in this regard.”  “According to the 19A president can decide the cabinet as well as he may able to obtain the advices from the Prime Minister.” Rajitha said. He more added that as per the majority of parliament the prime minister will be selected by President after the election.