United Kingdom finds Maggi Noodles safe to eat

Updated: 00:00 GMT, Jan 1, 1970 | Published: 01:44 GMT, Jul 2, 2015 |

 Maggi noodles produced in India and elsewhere are safe to consume, British authorities said after conducting tests on all samples of the product.

While only the masala flavour of the noodles was imported into the UK from India, the Food Standards Agency (FSA) had decided to test all samples of the product to check for levels of lead after a controversy in India. “The FSA can confirm that results from testing samples of Maggi Noodles in the UK have all found that levels of lead in the product is well within EU permissible levels and would not be a concern to consumers,” FSA said in statement.

“As well as tests carried out by local authorities, the FSA has also asked Nestle to provide it with test results from its own samples. All showed levels of lead to be well within EU permissible levels,” the statement added. The total number of samples taken from Nestle, local authorities and port authorities were around 900 in total.

The ban on the instant noodles in India had sparked fears among consumers in Britain, largely of Indian descent, who are able to buy the masala flavour pack imported from India from two major supermarket chains in Britain, Tesco and Morrisons.

Both had declared that the Maggi sold in the UK are not “affected”. Maggi has an 80 per cent share of India’s instant noodle market and has been branded the third staple alongside rice and lentils. Nestle had destroyed Maggi noodles worth Rs 320 crore after its withdrawal from the market. The popularity of the masala flavour in particular travelled with NRIs based in the UK.

One London-based IT professional had said: “I want to know if what we have consumed was ok and if we should use any remaining stock we have at home”. The latest FSA decision will come as a relief to NRIs and Nestle alike.

“Following an incident in India, where a sample of Maggi Noodles was reported to contain high levels of lead, the Food Standards Agency made the decision to test a selection of Maggi Noodles as a precaution. “In India, this incident has resulted in a large scale withdrawal of the product,” the FSA said.

Nestle India exports Maggi noodles to Canada, UK, Singapore and Kenya and to third parties in the US, Australia and New Zealand.

Singapore had earlier said Maggi noodles are safe to consume.