Vithya murder: Court ordered to inquire suspects under PTA (3rd Edition)

Updated: 00:00 GMT, Jan 1, 1970 | Published: 03:21 GMT, Jun 15, 2015 |

The Jaffna Kayts court has ordered to inquire the 9 suspects in connection with the murder of student Vithya for one month (30 days) in Colombo under Prevention of Terrorism Act.

Justice Lenin has declared this order during 2nd hearing of this case. The senior lawyer T.Thavarasa has appeared on behalf of Vithya’s family. Judicary medical officer Mayruran and Vithya’s mother Sarasvathy, brother Nisanthan, relative Kartthi, Kayts former officer in charge of Kayts police station and Criminal prevention division police officer of the Kayts also had testify today.

The blood samples of the culprits and other four blood samples has been produced to the court today. The judge has order to put them for forensic examination in Colombo.  In addition, the evidents that had collected from the place of Vithya’s murder took place and the culprits home also produced at the court by the police.

Vithya’s Mother & Brother felt in unconsciousness at the court during the case hearing 

Our Jaffna correspondent says that the mother and brother of Vithya gone unconscious during testifying at Kayts court during the case of Vithya’s murder. The testimony has being recorded in front of Justice Lenin Kumar.

It has been reported that brother was gone unconsciousness when he was narrating the incident when he found his sister’s body.

It has noted that many human right activist, lawyers appeared in the court today.

Vithya’s murder: 9 Culprits produced in court Today 

The suspects of Vithya’s murder are going to be produced in Kayts court today.

The Jaffna sources says that police has been deployed in order to prevent protest and violent.

The report of DNA and the report regarding the escape incident of ninth suspect who had been arrested in Colombo later will be submitted to the court today.  It has been reported the case will get crucial turning point today since the brother and mother of Vithya are going to testify in the court.

An eighteen years old student, S. Vidhiya, went to school on 13th May 2015 from her home. She did not return home after the school. Later, her dead body was found inside the bush in Vallan, ward-10 in Pungudutivu. She was raped and then murdered.

In this regard, nine suspects were arrested and all over the island, protests were conducted demanding justice for Vithya’s murder.