The Gun used for kill Raviraj belongs to SLA

Updated: 00:00 GMT, Jan 1, 1970 | Published: 11:23 GMT, Jun 5, 2015 |

The CID said that the three-wheeler which had been used for Ravi Raj assassination have been recovered and they mentioned that the Gun was belongs to the Sri Lankan army which had been used to kill MP Rviraj. They have made this statement while hearing the murder case of former TNA parliamentarian today at the Colombo Magistrate Court.

Additional magistrate Nirosha Fernando order to the CID to continue the further investigation in to the recovered three-wheeler and continue the remand to the 5 suspects until 19th. MP Raviraj had shot dead by unknown people in nearby his home at Narehendpitiya Manigtown on 10th of November 2006. In the meanwhile Raviraj bodygurd Lakshman Lokkuwella slo been killed. T56 gun and bullets were recovered at that place.