Obstacle race at Nuerburgring; Eleven thousand runners competed

Updated: 00:00 GMT, Jan 1, 1970 | Published: 09:36 GMT, May 10, 2015 |

Over 11,000 runners took part in the Strongman Run at the Nuerburgring race circuit on Saturday (May 9), tackling 23kms (14 miles) of obstacles around the track. Obstacle races with water hazards, crawl-tunnels, climbs and slides are big business for promoters and popular with athletes who like the camaraderie and variety of these races, rather than running alone.

Many of the competitors dressed up for the occasion, and there is a tradition of helping each other over the obstacles as well as being competitive. The event, sometimes named ‘The Green Hell’, began in 2007 with 1600 competitors on a military training ground at Munster. It became so popular that places were oversubscribed well in advance, enabling organisers to build bigger and better races each time they held the event.

This year’s winner was Robin Dechant of Germany with a time of 1:36:57. Last year’s winner, compatriot Tom Schlegel, was second in 1:39:06 with another German, Charles Franzke, third in 1:39:08. The fastest woman was Susanne Kraus of Germany, clocking 1:45:54. 2014 winner Carole Koster of Switzerland took second place in 2:08:43 and Sara Nina Beheiri of Germany was third in 2:09:10. The next Strongman Run takes place on August 15 at night time. The course will be illuminated by fireworks and light effects.