Judge handsover 1 year old baby girl to live with her gay dad and his lover

Updated: 00:00 GMT, Jan 1, 1970 | Published: 09:30 GMT, May 6, 2015 |

A 15-month-old girl should be taken from her ‘homophobic’ mother and sent to live with her wealthy gay father and his lover, a High Court judge has ruled. The mother lied when she agreed to become a surrogate for the gay couple’s desperately wanted child, Ms Justice Russell said.

In fact, she really wanted a baby for herself and regarded the girl’s gay father as no more than a ‘sperm donor’, the judge said. In a judgment published yesterday (Tuesday), Ms Justice Russell said the mother had used her daughter to manipulate the court and had tried to discredit the gay father and his partner ‘in a homophobic and offensive manner’.

She said the mother had secretly named the girl and had her baptized in defiance of a court order and without the couple’s consent. In her ruling, the judge said the 15-month-old girl should not be affected by her mother’s negative views of her father because they will ‘directly affect her own sense of identity’.

Instead, she ordered that the girl should live with her father and his boyfriend and said that the mother – who has been breastfeeding and sleeping with her daughter – should be allowed to see her only under the supervision of social workers. ‘This case is another example of how agreements between potential parents reached privately to conceive children to build a family go wrong and cause great distress to the biological parents and their spouses or partners,’ Ms Justice Russell said.

The judge ordered that none of the individuals involved in the dispute may be named in public.