Would Rahul become the next Congress Leader?

Updated: 00:00 GMT, Jan 1, 1970 | Published: 08:02 GMT, May 2, 2015 |

Foreign media reports  that All India Congress  Rahul Gandhi could be nominated as the leader of the Congress  Party at a meeting which will  held on the 6th. 

All India Congress President Sonia Gandhi has invited congress party leaders and the senior members of the congress to join  the meeting and fellowship dinner which will be held on the 6th and there after the announcement will be made as Rahul Gandhi becoming the party leader.

 The deputy leader of Congress Rahul is scheduled to go to the  Dr Ambethkar birth place which is in  Madiya Pradesh which rule by Barathiya Janatha Party.

The Madiya Pradesh Congress Party spokesman Saluja said; that “The deputy leader of Congress will visit the birth place of Dr. Ambethkar and honor his epitaph by wreathing.  Thereafter; he will visit  Dalit people and the discussion will be held.

Finally he will attends the ceremony of the 125th Congress. Tomorrow’s meeting will be held on Sunday, leaders of the ruling party said.