Surveys sound as; No Winner in British Elections

Updated: 00:00 GMT, Jan 1, 1970 | Published: 06:47 GMT, Apr 29, 2015 |

Elections panorama in the United Kingdom still shows a hard-fought dispute today between the Conservative Party, now in power and Labor opposition, while surveys give one and the other as winners. A survey of the YouGov Company, published by daily in the UK newspaper, indicated that Laborites would obtain 34 percent of the votes in next May 7 polls, one point ahead of Conservatives. Meanwhile, a consultation of the ICM made for another newspaper in UK favors the party of Prime Minister David Cameron with 35 percent and left for the opposition formation of Edward Miliband a 32 percent.

In the different polls, the independentists of the United Kingdom maintain the third place among political forces of the country, but far from the two mentioned with about 13 percent. In the backburner are liberal democrats, at present members of the Coalition Executive with Conservatives and the Greens with less than 10 percent of vote intention. If consultations cannot agree what party will win elections, they do affirm that neither Conservatives nor Laborists will obtain majority in Parliament, forcing the winner to form a coalition. On the other hand, the ICM research made through telephone the last weekend, showed that the main worry of the British when voting is the public health system, which interests 30 percent of those consulted.

A few days ago, former head of the ICM, sir David Nicholson, warned that the medical services face severe financial problems not mentioned by politicians during their election campaigns.  In statements to the UK television, the present international adviser in health issues said to be very preoccupied by the situation and asserted there is a financial hole whose effects will be evident over the next few months. Another issue that worry 16 percent of those interviewed is the labor market and salaries, while immigration worries 14 percent of the people.