Royal officials warned not to approach the Queen for political campaign

Updated: 00:00 GMT, Jan 1, 1970 | Published: 05:09 GMT, Apr 24, 2015 |

OFFICIALS at Buckingham Palace are warning that the Queen must not be dragged into political wrangling after the general election amid fears that David Cameron or Ed Miliband might attempt to use her as a “prop” to “legitimize” a government that lacks a majority.

Sources close to the royal household said last night that neither leader should approach the Queen to form a government until they are sure they can command the confidence of the House of Commons.

With a hung parliament on the cards, courtiers are concerned that either leader could ambush the Queen with an attempt to rule as a minority government and “borrow her support” to cement their claims to power.

The concerns arose when palace aides recently held a series of war-gaming sessions, conducting “due diligence” on how the Queen should respond to various different outcome after the poll on May 7th.