High-earning hands: Because of the perfect hands

Updated: 00:00 GMT, Jan 1, 1970 | Published: 11:23 GMT, Apr 23, 2015 |

She’s been photographed hundreds of times and starred in magazines and TV advertisements but no one has seen her face until now. Emily Grimson, from Shopshire, is one of Britain’s most successful models yet it’s not her stunning face that’s her fortune. It’s her perfect hands. She is 25-year-old and has only been modelling for an year, but has already built a lucrative full-time career making up to £100 an hour.

She is a hand supermodel after her high-earning hands featured in product videos for Bosch, adverts on the Disney Channel and advertorials in the Sunday Times Style magazine.

She was encouraged to give hand modelling a shot after a nail technician complimented her hands while giving her a manicure. Since signing up for the modelling agency last year she has posed with everything from designer bags to electrical appliances, and always goes to great lengths to protect her hands.

Emily says she has a strict routine to keep her hands looking their best. She moisturizes her hands up to ten times a day to keep them looking their best and always use SPF to protect them, even when the sun isn’t shining. She exfoliates them once a week and always wear a strengthener to keep her nails from snapping. Sometimes she uses to ask other people to open bottles or packets for her. When she knows a big job is coming up she doesn’t want to risk any scratches or breakages. And even she doesn’t let her boyfriend get a kitten, despite the fact that he loves them, as a manicurist on a job has warned Emily that, the kittens/ pets carry a major scratching risk.