Dubai police warn on charity collectors

Updated: 00:00 GMT, Jan 1, 1970 | Published: 07:26 GMT, Apr 22, 2015 |

Dubai Police warn residents against responding to people knocking on doors to collect money for charity organizations. The warning comes after Sharjah residents complained about a group of people claiming to work for a church located in Al Nahda and collecting donations in order to help people affected by disasters. This group of men and women, has approached residents in Al Nahda at least twice so far this year. But, each time, they have made up a different reason to ask for money.

Those men and women were well dressed and they came armed with envelopes which they gave out saying people were free to put whatever amount of money they wished in them. They claimed they were helping affected communities overseas. So, when the number given in the flyers they were distributing, was dialed for several times, the number couldn’t reach. The owner of the mobile number declined to speak and switched off his phone. Another time, he claimed it was a wrong number.

The Director of Media and Public Relations Department at Sharjah Police, told that they have launched a Prevention programme to curb crime in all its forms. Most beggars and charity collectors exploit people’s religious and charitable sentiments to make easy money, he said. Also, they have informed the charity organizations not to send individuals to people’s homes to collect money. All charity organizations in the country have their own headquarters and people can approach them to donate.

And, if anyone engages in such kind of activity, will be counted as committing fraud and will be punished by law. Also, the public are informed to immediately report such matters to the police because not only do charity collectors and beggars bother people and distort the country’s image, many of them are also involved in illegal activities. It will ruin the reputation of the country and it affects the security of the place. Such individuals can also be dangerous and may injure and steal from people’s homes. Because, they often stand outside residential buildings the whole day, watching and gathering information about residents’ movements and activities.