£200 million worth gems burglary in London’s diamond district

Updated: 00:00 GMT, Jan 1, 1970 | Published: 06:57 GMT, Apr 9, 2015 |

Burglars broke into a vault at a safe deposite center in Hatton Garden, where many jewellers had left their stocks over the long Easter weekend, and cracked open 70 secure boxes. the Burglars may have got the information regarding diamonds after a brazen heist in London’s diamond district netted an estimated £200 million worth (Dh1.1 billion) of gems.

A security guard heard an alarm go off on Friday, a bank holiday when the shops would have been closed, but he failed to spot any sign of a disturbance. It is estimated that around £200 million in diamonds, jewels and cash were stolen. Hatton Garden is the centre of London’s jewellery industry and has been home to hundreds of shops and manufacturers since the 19th century.

There is a double-door entry and a locked system to go in. If we are going, we have to go through two doors to get in the place and then get into the vault. Reports suggested that the thieves may have hidden inside the building, emerging after staff went home to abseil down a lift shaft and smash into the vault. Members of the London police’s Flying Squad — the unit which deals with heists and armed robberies — are investigating.