Time to enjoy the sunshine for – Londoners

Updated: 00:00 GMT, Jan 1, 1970 | Published: 04:51 GMT, Apr 7, 2015 |

It was the perfect way to end the Bank Holiday long weekend: relaxing on a deck chair in the sun. With warmer than average temperatures across the city, Londoners flocked to parks to enjoy the sunshine. London reached a top temperature of 16C on 06th april 2015, which is several degrees higher than the April average. In some parts of the UK, temperatures soared above 20 degrees.

St James’s Park, in central London, was a popular destination for sun seekers. Even the pelicans were enjoying the warmer weather. But the Met Office is warning the temperatures will drop off again over the coming days. It’s predicting chilly nights and some cloud cover, before becoming warmer again in time for next weekend.

Outlook for Tuesday: Another dry day with light winds and warm, sunny spells after early mist or fog patches clear. Maximum temperature: 14C. Rest of the week: Warm, sunny spells by day but some chilly nights with mist and fog patches.