This match was fixed by my Mum ! Suresh Raina !

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Suresh Raina will begin a new chapter in his high-profile life as he gets ready to marry at a star-studded function at Delhi’s The Leela Palace hotel on Friday. And the cricketer happily reveals that his dream girl Priyanka Chaudhary has been chosen by his mother. “The best thing is that the match has been decided by my mom,” Raina told to the media; an event organised by the cricketer’s friend to wish him for his married life.

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Raina, who hails from Meerut in Uttar Pradesh, said he chose Delhi as the venue since he has a lot of friends here. “We have chosen the venue in Delhi since I have lots of friends here. Virat (Kohli), Shikhar (Dhawan), Ishant (Sharma)

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The left-hander revealed that the entire Indian cricket team will be attending the marriage, which, he says, will be a private affair. “Some of my friends from Lucknow, London and Dubai, and my entire cricket team, will be coming here. It’s just a get-together,” he said.

How Suresh met Priyanka

Raina said he and Priyanka are childhood friends but haven’t stayed in touch often. “I have known Priyanka for long, but in the middle, I didn’t have time to be in touch with her. I remember meeting her at the airport for five minutes in 2008. She was flying back to Holland (where she currently works) and I was going to Bangalore for an IPL game, and we met at the Delhi airport for just five minutes. “Priyanka’s father was my sports teacher in Ghaziabad and my mom was very close to her mother. I’ll call it more of an arranged marriage because our families have known each other for a long time,” he said.

How the marriage got fixed

“I was in Australia for the last five months. mom took all the decisions,” Raina told TOI. I didn’t know. Mom called me in Australia and told me that my marriage has been fixed with one of my childhood friends. I asked who is the girl. Then I spoke to Priyanka on the phone. Before the World Cup, I had told some of my team-mates about my wedding after my mom told me that everything had been finalised.

Marriage and a cricketer’s life

life of a cricketer is very hectict)because there is so much of travelling involved,” he said. “I met Priyanka recently after the World Cup for just half an hour.”

Back to work after marriage and then honeymoon

“I want her to focus on her career. We won’t get much time together, so I will be going to Holland later. For the honeymoon, we are planning to go to Milan after the IPL,” Raina revealed.

Priyanka loves football, not cricket

“She doesn’t know much about cricket. She is a great soccer fan. She is a huge fan of Messi and Robin van Persie. She loves me for what I am and not because I am a cricketer. She is a very nice girl and I love her,” he told us.

The wedding attire

“My designer has given me a sherwani and there is a lehenga that will be worn by Priyanka for the wedding.

I am excited. It was very important that it (marriage) happens at this stage