Tomorrow will be the last match in world up 2015 and last ODI for Micheal Clark !

Updated: 00:00 GMT, Jan 1, 1970 | Published: 09:41 GMT, Mar 28, 2015 |

Australian cricket captain Michael Clarke has announced that tomorrow’s World Cup final against New Zealand will be his last ODI game for his country. He expressed emotional statement that at a pre-match press conference in Melbourne today.  He said that  “extremely grateful and thankful” for the “honor” to represent Australia in the 50-over format.

 “I think it is the right time for me and the Australian cricket team,”  He said it was not “realistic” for him to remain fit and healthy for the next World Cup in four years time and wanted to give the future captain an opportunity to prepare for the tournament in England.  Clarke has dealt with several back and hamstring injuries during recent seasons.

He said he was “hopeful” that his decision will prolong his test match career, having already retired from international T20s. The Sydney-born batsman said he began his decision the retire about “about 48 hours ago” after returning home from Thursday’s semi-final against India at the SCG. “I think I got back to my house at about 12.30pm. [Clarke’s wife] Kyly was in bed and that’s when I spoke to her about it,”

He said he will contemplate what his legacy will be “off the field with my little brother”, referring to best friend Phillip Hughes who was tragically killed after being struck in the head by a cricket ball in Sydney last year. “I’ve said from day one the game owes me nothing, I owe the game everything. Further said that “I always dream of playing cricket for Australia and New South Wales,”

Clarke has played 244 ODIs for Australia, hitting 7,907 runs at an average of 44.42 and strike rate of 78.81.

He is the fourth-highest run-scorer of all-time for Australia and has played in three World Cups, winning one in 2007.